Recommended Courses

If you are considering working at MIDL, it is highly recommended that you build a cross-disciplinary background in several technical fields. The following courses may help you in developing such a background. Note that these are suggestions and more often than not, your requirements will emerge during the course of your research.

MEEN 601 Advanced Product Design
MEEN 632 Advanced Computer-Aided Engineering
MEEN 648 Manufacturing Systems Planning and Analysis
MEEN 653 Scientific Writing
MATH 601 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
MATH 603 Methods of Applied Mathematics II
MATH 613 Graph Theory
MATH 640 Linear Algebra for Applications
MATH 676 Finite Element Methods in Scientific Computing
ISEN 631 Cognitive Systems Engineering
ISEN 635 Human Information Processing
ISEN 656 Virtual Manufacturing
CSCE 601 Programming with C and Java
CSCE 602 Object-Oriented Programming, Development and Software Engineering
CSCE 620 Computational Geometry
CSCE 624 Sketch Recognition
CSCE 634 Intelligent User Interfaces
CSCE 645 Geometric Modeling
CSCE 648 Computer Aided Sculpting
CSCE 649 Physically-Based Modeling
CSCE 655 Human-Centered Computing
CSCE 666 Pattern Analysis
CSCE 671 Computer-Human Interaction
VIZA 626 Generative Art and Design
VIZA 662 Physical Computing for Art and Design